Don't get left out in the cold this winter

December 2012

With winter just around the corner, now is the time to plan ahead and ensure households can cope with the expected temperature drop. CPL Petroleum, which supplies domestic heating oil throughout the UK, is appealing to everyone, particularly those based in remote communities, to be prepared this winter to ensure homes are warm and everyone is kept safe, including vulnerable neighbours.

Adam Kerbes, regional manager at CPL, said: “Having experienced such unpredictable weather conditions through the past three winters, we want to ensure that everyone is safe and prepared for the coming months, which could bring unprecedented amounts of ice and snow.

“Following the tips below will hopefully help everyone cope with the colder months, especially for those living in remote areas. We also want everyone to consider elderly neighbours and help them prepare for winter as this is often a worrying time of the year for them.”

Top 10 winter tips:

1.    Have your boiler checked and serviced to ensure it is in good working order

2.    Check loft spaces are properly insulated

a.    You may be eligible for free or discounted insulation as part of the government-backed Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (Cert) scheme, which may be available to you through your energy supplier. Act quickly though; the scheme is due to finish at the end of 2012.

3.    Keep central heating systems set at a minimum of 10ºC to prevent water from freezing in the system

4.    Check roof tiling and clean drains and gutters to avoid blockages and leaks

5.    Keep hot water bottles, blankets, candles and torches handy, and perhaps invest in a good pair of walking shoes

6.    Oil users are advised to:

a.    check their tanks for signs of deterioration ahead of any freezing weather
b.    order fuel now in preparation for any bad weather

7.    Stock up on non-perishable foods

8.    Keep bags of salt at home to grit pathways and drives

9.    Draught proof homes by checking windows and doors

10. Check on elderly neighbours and also think about keeping pets warm

Another tip - for any time of year - is to add monitoring and security devices to your tank which will not only help to protect the fuel, but some of the more advanced options will also notify you when you need to reorder. A number of products are available on the market, such as the Sonic Signalman which identifies the fuel level in a tank and notifies the owner and / or fuel supplier when a top up is required. 

For security, devices such as the Watchman Alarm monitor the level of your oil and send a reading to a receiver unit located in your home or office. Then, if there is a sudden drop in the level of fuel, the receiver emits a high -pitched alarm should any unusual drop in level occur, as this can be an indication of theft. 

For further information on boiler checks and to order oil, the friendly team at CPL are available for all winter enquiries on 01248 352 768.