Industry & Manufacturing

CPL Petroleum supplies industrial and commercial fuels to businesses across the UK.

You can choose from a wide range of products including gas oil, diesel, petrol and kerosene as well as heavy, medium and light fuel oils.

We specialise in delivering a bespoke service solution to a variety of industrial partners, from small local businesses to large industrial enterprises.

With our fleet of multi-compartment tankers, which can transport large quantities of different products, we are able to make multiple-drop deliveries anywhere in the country. 

As a CPL Petroleum customer, you will benefit from excellent customer service, including the provision of emergency fuel deliveries.

We’re also able to provide a top up service with metered deliveries that provides full transparency and traceability of orders.

Technical Advice

CPL Petroleum offers free, expert technical advice on the application and correct usage of fuels.

Our commercial package also includes a selection of lubricants, greases and fluids for machines and equipment such as hydraulic engine oils, greases and coolants, through to specialised products such as plant maintenance and metalworking fluids.

More information is available from your local depot or sales representative.