At CPL Petroleum we understand the need for fast and reliable deliveries to your construction sites.  

As a national fuel provider, we can assist in the smooth running of your business, allowing your project to keep on schedule thanks to:


We offer various credit options, including 25 day rolling credit, so you can keep an eye on your budget.

Flexible Deliveries

With a large national fleet and a number of different vehicle sizes, we can reach you, no matter where you are working. In addition, our multi-compartment tankers can also deliver different fuels to you all in one delivery.

For transparency, all deliveries are metered so you can see exactly how much fuel you have received, at any time.

Additional Products/Services

We offer our commercial customers a reliable Top Up service, to ensure your sites never run dry during critical production times.

We can also supply your site with a range of lubricants for all your construction requirements, including hydraulic oil, engine oil greases and coolants.