Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need different fuel for my home and farm?

Usually the answer is yes. It depends on which fuel you use for your home heating.

Most customers will use kerosene for home heating and gas oil for machinery, but it is worth checking your tanks to be 100% sure.

How quickly will I get my oil?

Deliveries will typically reach you within 48 hours, or within 24 hours for emergency deliveries.

This can vary depending on the weather: bad weather can increase delivery times.

Check with your local depot when you place your order.

Can I get my invoices electronically?

Yes you can, simply send an email to with your name and account number and we'll do the rest.

What can I do to deter theives?

The police advise you to hide your tank from view, either behind foliage or in an out house.

You could also fit a lock. A range of locks are available from your local depot.